Painting with predominant yellow and orange color and texture
Paulo Carrasco - About

My abstract paintings explore the relationship between color and texture, drawing inspiration from the bold brushwork of Clyfford Still, Jackson Pollock, and Franz Kline. Through my experimentation with form and gesture, I aim to unpack the essential unreality of meaning and its fluidity within the context of contemporary art.

As an artist, I am constantly on a personal journey of exploration and learning. With every painting I create, I seek to delve deeper into my own artistic process and push the boundaries of traditional techniques. The resulting compositions evolve into intricate, layered dialogues that invite the viewer to consider the limits of our era and the cyclical nature of tragedy and hope.

By distilling these complex themes into momentary forms that are distorted through my diverse practice, I hope to offer new insights and a sense of decadence that ultimately points toward the possibility of a renewed reality. As I continue on this inner personal trip, I am driven by my love of discovery and my desire to constantly evolve as an artist.